Mobile Application Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The privacy policy and terms of use set out here apply to all mobile applications of Miraz Technology published on the Google Play Store and IOS App Store. By installing these applications on your mobile device, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of use contained in this text. If you do not accept these terms, do not install these applications on your mobile device.

In our applications, your personal information is not kept, but all data entered by you is stored on encrypted servers so that only you can see and 3. it is not shared with individuals or institutions.

Phone Usage Permissions:

The permissions required for the operations in our application must be provided by you. These permissions are required only for the proper use of the application.

The data related to the permissions you have approved are stored encrypted in special databases owned by the system.

Internet Usage Permissions:

This is the permission required for data to be sent from our application to encrypted servers and data to be received from encrypted servers, and users must define it. These permissions are not used to transfer information from your phone against your request.

The internet access permission granted is only used to transfer data, photos belonging to the forms that you will fill out within the application, and to display data between the encrypted server and the application

Camera Usage:

The use of the camera in our Mobile Applications is used only for photos that you want to send from within the application. It is not used outside the user’s knowledge. Photos taken in the application are stored in an encrypted environment belonging to the user and are accessible only to him and the institution to which he is connected.

Photos not shared with third party person or companies except for user information.

General Information:

Miraz Technology will always show the necessary care and sensitivity to publish quality and useful applications. Despite this, we make no commitment that the content contained in our applications will meet your expectations, be useful to you, or contain accurate accurate information.

We present the applications as they are. For this reason, you agree that Miraz Teknolji cannot be held responsible for any negative situations arising from our applications.

Miraz Technology makes every effort to take all necessary measures to ensure the security of these applications and fulfills its obligations under the Google Play and Apple Store Developer Program Policy agreement.

However, the Internet and digital environments are not sufficient safe spaces. That is why we do not make any guarantees that we will provide you with a one hundred percent safe service.

Our apps are only available on the Google Play Store and IOS App Store. If these applications are located in another android or IOS store without our knowledge, Miraz Technology cannot be held responsible for the downloads from here.

These applications may contain advertisements and links belonging to third parties. You agree that you cannot hold Miraz Technology responsible for the nature, content, security of ads and links belonging to these third parties or for any damages that may arise from them.

You can learn how to edit your settings for ads published by Google on the ad settings page.

All copyrights related to all content consisting of audio, written and visual elements and software contained in these applications belong to Miraz Technology.

Copy, reproduce, republish, disassemble, make public again, etc. any of our applications or the copyrighted content of these applications. you agree that you cannot take actions.
Your comments and suggestions regarding the conditions specified here, you can send it to us at the e-mail address.

Miraz Teknoloji may make changes to the text of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use if necessary. The changes made will take effect immediately. You can see the date we made changes at the bottom as the “last update date”.

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