Management System Description:Purpose:Advantage:

Web softwares, which are prepared to meet the needs of corporations in many respects and offer mixed services from a single source, processes specific to the company / institution are called management systems or portal systems.

Proje Description:

Our project name is an abbreviation of “University Management System”. We can consider its general structure as a “University Information Management System”.

Proje Purpose:

U-MAS has advanced multiple modules. Its aim is to ensure the rapid and healthy progress of business processes in institutions with a large working area and a large number of employees.

Proje Advantage:

U-MAS is a powerful, secure and fast system produced with today’s technologies. It can work with local internet or VPN infrastructure. The system improves internal communication and saves time by speeding things up. Performing all operations over the system means recording of data.

In addition, it is a system which can work stably in integration with large structures such as LDAP, ÖYBS and EYBS.

  • Multilanguage
  • Advanced Recording System
  • Authorization and Management
  • Scalable
  • Standalone Integrated Modules
  • Electronic Signature, Mobile Signature, Card Pass System Integration
  • LDAP etc. Custom Written Software Integration
  • Version Control System
  • Request/Complaint Tracking System
  • Live Messaging System
  • Archive and Data Dictionary
  • Portable Goods Management
  • Finance Module
  • Data Processing Module
  • Notification Module
  • Survey, Event and Announcement Module
  • Student and Staff Module
  • Document Recording/Tracking Module
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