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B2B Description:Purpose:Advantage:

B2B is an e-commerce model between companies that stand for “Business to Business”

It helps to market the products and services of a company to other companies easily and quickly. B2B system is usually the model of any company that sells products to companies instead of end users.

Digital goods, physical goods and services can be included in this. They can reach a large audience through internet and sell their services easily.

Project Description:

Our project name is an abbreviation of “Integration E-Commerce Management System”. We can consider its general structure as an “Integrated B2B”.

Project Purpose:

IE-MAS can be connected to all available data (Logo, Micro, Summit etc.) or can have a private data store. In this way, organizations can activate the IE-MAS B2B system without changing existing data structures.

Project Advantage:

IE-MAS uses the latest technology languages to make it powerful in terms of speed and security. However, it does not have a limited system.

While B2B systems that are either Ready or Packaged can be integrated into specific data, IE-MAS can be fully integrated into any desired data. In this way, companies can have a more flexible and manageable system.

  • Logo, Micro, Peak Integration
  • Mobile Compatible Interface
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Advanced Log Recording System
  • Notification System
  • SMS System
  • Fast and Effective Page Transitions
  • Improvable Infrastructure
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Various Indicator Panel (Dashboard)
  • Unlimited Membership Addition
  • Advanced Membership System
  • Membership Permission(Price, Exchange Rate, Discount)
  • Membership Login Records
  • Membership Activation
  • Detailed Product Addition
  • Dynamic Product Search
  • Dynamic Product Filter
  • Product Image Magnifier System
  • Multiple Picture Addition
  • Product Detail Page
  • Product Features
  • Product Stock Management
  • Order Listing
  • Order Detail Display
  • Order Status Management
  • Unlimited Category and Feature Addition
  • Category and Property Filter
  • List & Edit Basket
  • Single and Multi Notification / SMS
  • Internal Custom Page Generation(Contact, About Us)
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